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17 Aug


Tricks to Trick The Ages

7 Aug

Make It Harder to Tell How Old You Really Are

Make It Harder to Tell How Old You Really AreNo one needs to know how old you really are—at least, not by looking at you. Take a peek at where age tends to show, and try these ideas that can help you look younger today.

Your Eyes
* “Lift” your eyelids with a little contouring. Starting at the upper outside corner of your eye, sweep a medium-deep shade of shadow in and down toward the crease of the eyelid. Then brush from the lower outside corner of the eye up to the crease. You’re basically creating a sideways V.
* Eyeliner can help with droopy lids too. For staying power, use powder and a flat, angled brush—not a pencil. Draw a series of three dots on the outer, center, and inner areas of your upper lids as close to your lash line as possible. Then connect them.
* One last trick to give your eyes a lift: Use a lash curler. Do it right after getting out of the shower; the warm water makes your lashes easy to curl gently.

Your Face
* Powder is a standard part of most women’s makeup routine. But if you notice powder settling into fine lines, consider skipping it. Older skin doesn’t usually produce the extra shine that normally calls for powdering your face throughout the day.
* In fact, you may want to add just a little shimmery makeup for glowing skin. But apply it only to one facial feature during the day and no more than two at night.

Your Lips
* Make lip lines less noticeable with a lip balm made of beeswax.
* With lipstick, go for soft yet vibrant colors (berry, rose, or apricot), and add a dab of gloss to plump your lips.
* To keep lipstick from feathering into those tiny lines around your lips, choose a lip pencil that matches the color of your lips—not your lipstick.

Your Hair
* Want to hide forehead wrinkles and bring attention to your eyes rather than crow’s-feet? Try bangs. If you have a round face, ask for layered thinner bangs that just touch your eyebrows. If you have a square face, ask for long side-swept bangs. If you have a long face, ask for blunt bangs just above the brows.
* To cover random grays, dab on mascara or liquid liner (depending on your hair color).

Surprising Places
It’s often your neck, chest, and hands—areas often neglected when it comes to skin care—that give away your age.
* Whatever you put on your face, put it on your neck, chest, and hands, too. That means an SPF with antioxidants in the morning and a retinol at night.
* Stay away from scoop- or round-neck blouses, which may draw attention to a less-than-firm chest. Instead, wear V-neck tops, which direct the eye up.
* Give your hands some pampering. In a recent study, people thought women were younger when they were wearing nail polish and rings. Painting nails with a sheer, creamy coat of polish (think pale pink) can take attention away from age spots. To help soften the appearance of prominent veins or pronounced knuckles, keep the white tips of nails about 1/8 inch long.


These are excellent tips for making the most of your assets.  Whatever you do to look your best, just remember:  the real beauty lies inside of you.  From your innermost soul springs your true beauty.  Feed your body health from your mind to every living cell, from the inside on out and your true beauty will shine in radiance!

Wordless Wednesday

4 Aug

Win $500 in AVON Products Just By Tweeting!

29 Jul

Recently I met @ShawnAnn on Twitter.  She was hoping to build her followers and increase her blog’s exposure.  After offering a big giveaway, she ended up just shy of her 400 new followers goal.  So she has decided to create a new giveaway of $500 worth of AVON products…everything a girl could want that’s AVON.

The entry is easy.  Just check out Shawn Ann’s World and enter your name and Twitter ID on the Linky.  Then tweet about her giveaway.  For every tweet (up to 10 per day), @ShawnAnn will give you one entry into her giveaway.  You MUST post to her Linky for every tweet though.  Since her giveaway doesn’t end until September 1st, you have oodles of time to tweet yourself into victory!

So get out there at Tweet yourself!

Allure Magazine for $1 an Issue

29 Jul

Right now, Allure magazine is offering its web visitors subscriptions for the low price of $1 an issue…even better, if you agree to sign up for 3 years, you can get all 36 issues for less than $1 an issue for a total price of $24!

No, I get no referral bonus from Allure…I just happened across this deal while researching independent beauty trends.

A word of warning, as you sign up for this offer, click the “Pay Later” option to receive a bill in the mail.  Why?  This offer is for automatic renewal.  By paying now, your credit card is automatically charged the next time your subscription is up for renewal.  Without a credit card on file, Allure magazine will have to bill you by mail and make it easier for you to determine whether a renewal at the new rate is worth your time and money.

So check out their deal and see if Allure is right for you…Happy Reading!

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AVON MagiX Face Perfector SPF 20

12 Jul

Just FYI, if you sweat during the summer (or anytime), have problems with your makeup staying put or just want a smooth baby’s butt feel to your skin, you need to try AVON’s MagiX Face Perfector.  Not only does it have the SPF you need to keep your skin healthy, it provides the smooth touch we all crave in our skin AND keeps it feeling that way even in the middle of a heat wave.

So how does it work?

Well, actually there are a couple of versions:

  • The one I prefer is the MagiX foundation creme.  Simply sponge it on like any other foundation and you’re done.  Great coverage, great feel, good protection.
  • I also HIGHLY recommend the Face Perfector.  It is a creamy, opaque lotion that you apply to clean skin before putting on your foundation or before applying eyeshadow or any other makeup that you want to anchor.  It leaves your skin feeling wonderful and provides an extra layer of sun protection as well as a great base to your makeup.  It is virtually melt proof during these hot days of summer.
  • AVON also offers MagiX in a self-applying applicator brush.  Personally I found this difficult to use.  The foundation was fine, but after a couple of uses the brush because hard and the product impossible to get out.  Not my idea of fun.
  • AVON’s latest addition is the MagiX Cashmere Finish.  If it is half as good as they say, it will be addictive (sorry, I haven’t tried that one yet!)

What another opinion or more information?  Check out the reviews by other bloggers or visit my online store at

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